A United Nations handbook on the role of parliamentarians in the implementation of the UN Convention to Combat Desertification that was published at the end of July (see PDF here) suggests that parliamentarians involved in the process "could play a leadership role" in the establishment […]

Today we are talking to Professor Johan Galtung, a Norwegian sociologist, mathematician and the principal founder of the discipline of peace and conflict studies. He founded the Peace Research Institute Oslo in 1959, serving as its director until 1970, and established the Journal of Peace Research […]

On 27 July 2013, around 50 students from over 30 countries met in the House of Representatives at Old Parliament House to hold an inaugural Model Global Parliament in Canberra. A report from Nicolás H. Martins and Sandesh Silpakar. The increasing connectivity among nations from […]

In a report to the Human Rights Council, the UN's Independent Expert for the Promotion of an Equitable and Democratic International Order, Alfred de Zayas from the United States, has elaborated on the question of a World Parliamentary Assembly. The report which was published online […]

Groups and activists around the world are preparing for a Global Week of Action for a World Parliament that will be held for the first time this year from 17 to 24 October. The announcement of the week that was worked out in the last months […]

As readers of this earlier post and followers of the campaign's page at Facebook know, we've started a while ago to collect and publish supportive statements on the creation of a UN Parliamentary Assembly. Today we published the 50th "Quote of the Day" (which can […]

We are delighted to announce the 5th international meeting on a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly which will take place on 16-17 October 2013 in Brussels. The conference is organized in collaboration with the Union of European Federalists and will be hosted in the European Parliament […]

The establishment of a UN Parliamentary Assembly was promoted last week in the margins of the 25th session of ACP–EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly which was held in the European Parliament in Brussels. The Campaign for a UN Parliamentary Assembly was represented with an information stand […]

The political and social contrasts in modern societies are transverse to territorial borders. Still, joint transnational interests of societal and political groups are hardly relevant in international institutions. Global political parties that reflect such interests have no influence in global politics. The key institution that […]